The Sensitive Parenting Mini-mind

A 4-week, transformational group coaching program For parents of emotionally intense, strong-willed, deeply feeling children

august, 2024

You’re in the right place if:

✨ You dreamt about becoming a parent— but life doesn’t feel like a dream.

✨ You love your child(ren) but often feel like you’re failing them.

✨ You listen to parenting podcasts, read all the books and blogs but still go to bed at night feeling badly about how you handled the day’s challenges.

✨ Your marriage is falling apart because your partner won’t listen to you (or listen to the podcasts, read the books, etc.)

✨ Your work performance is suffering because your home life sucks.

✨ You want to be a better parent to your child(ren) than you grew up with… if only you knew how.

✨ You feel like you’re failing your family and yourself.

The Sensitive Parenting MINI-mind is the place where you learn:


꩜ Easy to apply discipline strategies that foster connection and cooperation.

꩜ Concepts and tools that will grow with your child.

꩜ How to talk about your emotionally intense, strong willed child to others to cultivate respectful relationships (and end unwanted feedback!)

꩜ What misbehavior really means and how to change it from the inside out.

꩜ Why kids lie, manipulate and use foul language and how to end it for good, without threats or punishments.

꩜ How to end sibling rivalry and fighting.

꩜ Tips and tricks to turn your children into self-motivated, helpful, responsible, independent beings.

꩜ The simple way to move your child(ren) through transitions with ease.

what parents are saying


“Hi Melissa!!! Thanks so much for Sunday! It went much better than I anticipated. My husband was reluctant but he came out with an open mind. My daughter already asked me if she can do meetings with you privately. I’m so glad she likes you, I think it’s probably nice to feel like someone gets her. Thanks again!”


Southern California

“Melissa, I will always be grateful for the way you helped me understand my wonderful, sensitive son. I had a personal awakening.”



“Melissa, thank you SO much!! My daughter and I are doing much better. I am much more aware and understanding of her sensitivity, and have learned to “let go” and trust she makes choices and reacts the way she does for her own survival. After our conversations, I have come to terms more with the fact that what I see with her is merely a sketch of the full portrait of what is to come and to just trust it will be fantastic. My perspective has been changing, and that is the best anyone could ask for. To be open minded and free of anxiety to let her grow to her full potential. Thank you for giving me the confidence to understand that! I know the road ahead will not be smooth, but the final destination will be worth it, I know it!”



“Melissa, so much has been moving forward. Our conversations and your encouragement and heart has been so beneficial to my parenting. Sending you lots of love and appreciation!”


Southern California

“Melissa, thank you again for your time and all your helpful advice. You helped me see my daughter through new eyes.”


Southern California

“Melissa, your insight has been amazing! Thank you for being a guiding light for my husband and for me.”


New Zealand

About Your Coach

Melissa Schwartz was born an intense, sensitive, empathic, power seeker. She is a respected expert in the field of Highly Sensitive Children and brings clarity, personal experience and compassion for parents raising HSCs. Her intuitive ability to decode misbehavior and her passion for giving a voice to the legitimate needs of children naturally evolved into becoming the co-creator of Leading Edge Parenting and co-author of Authentic Parenting Power and Rico’s Bumpy Week. She is an internationally acclaimed author, coach and public speaker bringing new perspective based on current research to transform the field of child development.

As three time host for The Shift Network’s “Sensitives, Intuitives and Empaths Summit”, Melissa has taught over 200,000 people how to reparent their inner highly sensitive child, to identify (and heal) their core wounds and why trauma may be more intense for sensitive people than others.

Melissa and her family (including highly sensitive dog, Maggie, and flock of chickens) live in Southern California. She is a Stanford University alumna and a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

What’s Included:

WEEKLY Zoom Calls

Each week we gather on Zoom where you’ll receive personal coaching from Melissa Schwartz in every group call to help you identify hidden blocks, implement customized strategies and become the parent you dreamed of being.

Calls are at 9:00am Pacific Time on Thursdays (August 1, August 8, August 15, and August 22).

If you know you’ll miss a specific session you’re encouraged to record a self-style video that can be played during the group so you still get personal coaching. 

recordings and transcripts

Each call is recorded (audio + video) so you can re-listen to the weekly wisdom. A transcript of each session is also included. 

on call nurturing

You will have daily access to Melissa in our private Facebook group Monday-Friday to keep you supported and moving forward.

Your Investment

Early bird pricing is just $599 through July 15!

Your total investment for The Sensitive Parenting Mini-mind is only $899.

Payment plans are available, please inquire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really effective for children that are strong-willed or definant? My child was diagnosed with ODD.

YES! This group is perfect for parents with persistent, strong-willed, firey children. You’ll learn the secrets to get them to cooperate without dimming their spark or using threats, punishment, shame or guilt.

What ages of children does this support?

This minimind is for parents with children of all ages. The concepts you’ll learn will work for toddlers to teens and in your individual coaching segments you’ll get customized application and specific tools for your child(ren.)

Does my spouse need to participate?

They do not need to participate. Even if they don’t utlize the tools you learn, you’ll see a difference in your home. You are welcome to invite your spouse to our live sessions or share the recordings with them.

I've tried everything and nothing has worked. How will this be different?
Melissa has been coaching families of emotionally intense, strong-willed, highly sensitive children for over a decade on 6 continents. Her approach has changed the lives of thousands of families! You’ll have her holding your hand over six months where you’ll gradually make changes to achieve longterm shifts.

Congratulations! This is a wonderful investment in your family and in your child’s future. You are choosing to create a healthy emotional legacy for generations to come!